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Latest From The Forums

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Upcoming Events

28 May 2016n05:00PM - 10:30PMnMovie Marathon: Toy Story Turns 21

Latest From Movies

  • Watchcast Episode 9 (4/4/2016)

    Everyone is talking about Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and while we might have a review up on the site there is still a whole lot more to talk about. We talk some spoilers (although not too many), we talk whether there has been a bit of a negative press coverage happening and then of course how irrelevant critics may be when your movie pulls in big money.

    There is the usual catch up and more too! As always enjoy!


  • Watchcast Episode 15 (6/6/2016)


    There is a lot to talk about this week on the Watchcast. Firstly it's a question of discovering who Doc Savage, why the Rock is perfect to play him and what could Shane Black bring to the creative table. We look into Through The Looking Glass and how the Johnny Depp factor is troubling its box office takings and finally the continual delays on the final part of the Maze Runner movies.

    There is the usual catch up on what we've been watching as well. As always enjoy.

  • X-Men Apocalypse Review

    x men apocalypse review

    As the year goes on we find ourselves in another deluge of superhero and even now we are at movie number four. Quite an achievement considering the year is not even half over yet. It’s been largely a mixed bag and unfortunately X-Men Apocalypse falls on the wrong side of average. It’s a largely uninspired and dull affair, and while new cast members and old favourites try their best with the material, it may have be time to retire these superheroes. Find out more in our review.  

Latest From Games

  • Gamescast Episode 3

     With a full team we have a full show. We talk Mighty No 9 most recent delay and whether they make you a games quality, EA pulling out of E3 and Platinum’s official leak/announcement about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    As usual there is chit chat about what we have been playing including The Witness.

    As always enjoy our Gamescast Episode 3!

  • Gamescast Episode 16 (12/6/2016)

    e3 header overlay latest

    It's the eve of E3 and on this week's gamecast we share with you our predictions about what will take place @ the show. It's essentially bingo without any sort of stakes or old people. Find out what we got right and wrong on this week's podcast. We also do the usual catch up about what games we have been playing. As always enjoy!

  • Gamescast Episode 12

    Gamecast Episode 12

    Is it the beginning of the Next Next Gen yet? We discuss more solid details about the Playstation Neo. We also delve into the crazy and disappointing details of a Nintendo share report. Next year for Zelda, NX and mobile animal crossing. Only one of those things is good news. As always we catch up on what we've been playing and more.


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