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Latest From Movies

  • Suicide Squad Review

    Suicide Squad

    A little confession for you all, I don’t really like writing up movies that are bad. I don’t see my mission as a blogger/critic/ rambling person on the internet as someone who saves you from bad movies. I want to celebrate. In an ideal world, I would just like to write about the movies I love and let this whole entertainment democracy thing just be a celebration of “the good stuff.” So I struggle to write the bad stuff up, to pile on where many others have gone before. It’s easy to see that the DC Comic brand has taken quite a beating this year and most that seems to fall at the feet of director Zack Snyder and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Still, DC and Warner Bros had another bullet in the chamber of their gun and that was Suicide Squad. The trailers were bright and clever with an absolutely killer soundtrack, the Joker was back, the cast was huge and it seemed like redemption was in sight. We were wrong to get out hopes up, the Suicide Squad can’t save anyone, let alone their own movie. Find out more in our review.

  • 'The Hateful Eight' Review

     The Hateful Eight

    Over the years very few directors have changed genres so distinctly as Quentin Tarantino from grindhouse to crime capers to war movies and martial arts opuses he has done some truly delightful and various films. Yet in spite of the variation there is still a distinct voice, a style and a flair that suitably distinguishes his filmography. A voice that doesn’t always appeal to everyone. Tarantino returns with a western, of sorts, with The Hateful Eight, steeped in paranoia and filled with many of his signature attributes. Meaning for many it’s already a given whether they will like it or not. Find out more in our review.

  • Watchcast Episode 13 (7/5/2016)

    captain america civil war art

    With the giant mechanisms of the DC universe beginning to grind we look at the fallout of the director leaving the Flash movie. We pick apart the joys of Captain America: Civil War and a Jack Ryan series at Amazon with an unusual lead. As always enjoy!

Latest From Games

  • Gamescast Episide 6 (8/3/2016)

    Gamescast Episode 6

    This week on the gamescast we take a look at the unique and slightly odd strategy of Microsoft with promises of PC/ Xbox unified in gaming nirvana or maybe not so much. We talk about the public fallout around the Shanghai international.

    There is the usual catch up and crossing the finish line as well.We hope you enjoy the podcast!

  • Gamescast Episode 17 (30/6/2016)

    warcraft movie 1

    With E3 sucking all the news out of the gaming world we take a breath to catch up on what we've been playing. Also we go deep with the Warcraft film. We take a look at whether it does the warcraft games proud. We also ask the question if it's worth bothering with it if you have never played a game.

    As always enjoy!

  • Gamescast Episode 19 (17/7/2016)

    pokemon go

    Everyone is playing and so it only seems fitting we talk about the madness of Pokemon Go. We also discuss Evolve going free to play on PC and whether that gives us a desire to return to the game.

    There is the usual catch up on what we've been playing and crossing the finish line. As always enjoy!

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